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18 Dec 2019









Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) is a Palestinian non-governmental non-profit organization, working to support the development of Palestinian youth; to lead children & adolescents to discover their purposes, while promoting positive change in the community through psychosocial support, hygiene promotion and advocacy programs.

The project, ‘Improving access to WASH services for fragile families in the eastern area of Gaza governorate’ funded by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA-oPt HF) and implemented in partnership with Oxfam and Youth Empowerment Center (YEC).The project aims to improve the WASH facilities of 300 - 350  fragile households in the eastern areas of Gaza Governorate (El Shijaiaa, Al Zaitoun and El Tofah) to ensure adequate access to WASH services.

YEC is issuing this RFQ to contract at least 2 service providers to carry out the WASH facilities technical assessment for all target households


Purpose of Assignment

This assignment aims to conduct a technical need assessment for WASH facilities at household level in the eastern areas of Gaza Governorate (El Shijaiaa, Al Zaitoun and El Tofah), in compliance with the project’s goals and objectives. The contracted service provider should ensure the overall efficiency and effectiveness of processes and activities undertaken to achieve the assignment in a timely manner. Based on the carried out technical assessment, YEC will issue a tender process to rehabilitate WASH facilities in the approved target households. Accordingly, service provider will be required to participate in the preparation of tender documents, drawings, specifications and BoQs under the supervision of YEC project Field Engineer. Furthermore, service provider shall be accountable for providing technical assistance to the project team whenever needed.



Scope of Service

  • Service provider should participate in preparing, reviewing and verifying the technical assessment tool, to be used for the identification of WASH needs/ works/ materials at the household level. This should be done under the supervision of YEC Field Engineer and Technical Project Coordinator.
  • Service provider would be required to carry out household level WASH facilitates technical assessment for 150-175 households in the eastern areas of Gaza Governorate.
  • Service provider should maintain an up-to-date documents and records related to all aspects, duties and responsibilities outlines in this Request for Quotation.
  • Service provider should ensure that technical assessment takes into consideration the needs and requirements of children and people with disabilities.
  • Service provider, under the supervision of the Field Engineer, should assist in preparing project's tender documents, general and special conditions, drawings, detailed site plan, BoQs and technical specifications for (150-175) households.
  • Service provider should collect, verify and enter data of WASH needs of each target household.
  • Service provider should ensure the engagement of all members of the target households in the identification of the rehabilitation works, including leading consultation sessions with the target households members.
  • Service provider should work closely with Field Engineer and Technical Coordinator to ensure preparation of timely and high-quality progress in order to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Service provider should resolve any unforeseen technical difficulties and other problems that may arise during the work, in consultation with the Executive Director, Field Engineer and Technical Project Coordinator.
  • Service provider should identify and manage risks and initiate corrective actions where necessary, so that maximum benefit to client and stakeholders is achieved.
  • Service provider will be asked to attend meetings, upon request.

Service provider Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • At minimum, Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from any reputed public university.
  • Minimum 2 years practical working experience in civil construction and maintenance in national/ international company, organization, CBOs or municipalities.
  • Previous experience in civil construction and maintenance work under WASH sector, especially in buildings and households.
  • Previous experience in quantity estimation and construction.
  • Previous experience in conducting needs assessments and data collection/ entry/ analysis and reporting.
  • Good experience in preparing tender documents, Engineering designs, and price analysis.

Service provider required Competencies and Skills

  • The Service Provider shall maintain continuous and quick communication with the Youth Empowerment Center, to ensure rapid transmission of all information and documents with the YEC.
  • The Service Provider should work with the stakeholder’s and beneficiaries of the project with a high level of the behavioural skills.
  • The Service Provider should communicate effectively with YEC staff, and project partners, beneficiaries and communities.
  • Proper awareness about the WASH aspects at the household level.
  • Proper knowledge about the principles of protection and gender mainstreaming and inclusiveness of people with disabilities.
  • Good reporting skills in both English & Arabic.
  • Advanced computer skills, word, excel, MS-project, AutoCAD.
  • Practices the principles of fair treatment and no harm.
  • Demonstrates ability to solve problems in the field with partners, local committees and beneficiaries.
  • Understands time of decisions and has the ability to prioritize and identify critical issues.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks while fostering quality, team spirit and positive working relationships with colleagues.
  • Commit with the child protection, sexual harassment and anti-corruption policies.

Bidders do not have the option of submitting their bid electronically, unless clearly stated by the YEC procurement team.

The bids shall be submitted before the deadline for reception of applications on the Tuesday, 24/12/2019 at 12:00 PM – GAZA TIME to:


Youth Empowerment Center (YEC)

First Floor, Al Loualoaa building, near Humaid Junction, Gaza, Palestine

فلسطين ، غزة ، شارع عز الدين القسام ، امتداد مفترق حميد من الجهة الشمالية ، عمارة اللؤلؤة ، الطابق الأول

Tel: 2856624


  • Office hours from 8:00AM to 2:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Bidders have to bring their Civil Engineer Certificate in order to receive the bid.